3 people stealing the same bike [video]


Social experiment on the reactions people will have over three different people stealing a bike.

One white girl, a white guy and a black guy.

People gave the white guy a few glances and asked him what he was doing and he clearly made it known he was stealing the bike. - People did nothing.

The white girl got no reaction from most people walking past. When asked what she was doing, she clearly stated “I’m stealing this bike”. - People offered to help her.

The black guy, dressed in a similar way to the white guy, gets stopped countless times, people take photos of him, a crowd emerges, everyone is yelling at him, trying to stop him by taking his equipment, the police get called instantly and everyone seems to be hilariously emotional that this guy is taking a bike.


(Source: unvitation)


It’s time to go

You know how it is

These vast emotions

With never-ending ebb and flow

Can you feel the pain?

Do you embrace the hate?

You’ve lost all you could gain

So just accept your fate


New strength withers

Shed the same tears

Body so numb

Welcome back to your old fears

In the end

You’re no good

Would it better if you were dead?

You’d try if you could


The mind begins to fade

I can finally take over

Breaking down your walls

Silencing all of your calls

Return to your shell

Your own man-made hell

The only comfort that you find

Nothing but dead time


You should be used to it now

Confidence go up and down

That cheerful face

Turns into a frown

But you know how to end it

Don’t just quit

Come out of denial

And break the cycle


Broken bird
Did you lose it?
Did you finally remember?
Accepting the green punishment
Of an incomplete existence
Fragile to the light
Because you hide your lack of darkness
Sunny days do not last forever
Your own memories become illusions
Caught between the horizons
Of what you grasp and what you ignore

Solitary bird
Flying under the blue sky
And over the blue sea
Wishing to never be touched
Wishing to be forgotten
Never to rest upon land
Only to fly forever
Until you are touched by blue

Blue hasn’t forgotten you
Blue has searched for you
It didn’t forsake you
It chose to remember
The one thing that binds you to reality
Has now taken you
And in this moment
At this very moment that it touches you
Your life stops dead


Mio is my favourite girl. I love how delicate and pretty she is, but I also love how blunt and independent she is. I love her devotion to Midori and I sympathise with her desire to disappear and be alone. I love that her route involves philosophy, art, AND science all together. She’s just so beautiful and funny and smart and kind - I really love her!

-Admin Kyousuke


Hehe, awww. 


Wait for Refrain they said

It’s the best part of Little Busters! they said




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